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    About Us


A group of qualified medical professionals including doctors, nutritionists,, and other support staff, working towards management
of various metabolic lifestyle diseases

We help you understand the diet and how to get the most from what you eat:

  • Balancing your blood sugar-fighting insulin resistance, cardiovascular disease and belly fat
  • Balancing your thyroid-overcoming fatigue and burning fat
  • Balancing your adrenals-relieving symptoms of chronic stress
  • Detoxifying your liver-The body’s Garbage collector and Recycler
  • Detoxifying intestines-from managing toxins to improving immunity
  • To sum it up We help you reclaim your metabolism



Basic blood screening

Customized meal plans

Nutraceutical prescription


To identify nutritional deficiencies/metabolic disorders (if any)

To reach your ideal weight, revive a healthy metabolism

Eliminate nutritional deficiency and regulate metabolism